Memory and Desire by Karen Williams Edelmann
Memory and Desire
Oil on Canvas
60 x 48"

Memory and movement, time and weather, color applied or withheld, color dense or translucent, absorbs me
and drives my work.

Moving clouds are a metaphor for time and the constancy of change. In sky-centric paintings I strive to create
a transient world: wind blowing, storms gatherings and clouds bursting with energy; sunlight dancing, revealing
and obscuring the earth.

In figures, movement, real and imagined, traces a time-line. Life races over faces like weather. So in painting
human forms I’m drawn to telling gestures, hands that speak and faces that reflect character and reveal history.

Storm as Oculus. 16x12 Oil  (Detail) by Karen Williams Edelmann
Storm as Oculus
Oil on Board, detail
16" x 12"